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Featured Contractor is different than other contractor referral websites. Many websites will bring you 100's of contractors to search thru and then want you to read 100's of reviews to hopefully pick the right one for your project.

Featured Contractor is a real service that handpicks contractors by experience, trade specialty and rating, We do the homework for you. About 90% of companies do not make the Featured Contractor cut. Featured Contractor truly offers the best of the best.

At Featured Contractor, we believe its better for you to tell us about your project and we will connect you with a Top Rated Featured Contractor that is best for your particular project. REAL FAST...

If anytime you are not happy with our hand picked contractor, you can request another for any reason.

  • Our Service is Always 100% FREE!
  • Our Contractors Are Tested And Proven
  • Background Checks, Licensed, Insured
Featured Contractor

Air Conditioning, Drywall, Electrical, Fencing, Flooring, Garage Doors, Gutters, Handyman, House Cleaning, Kitchen & Bath, Landscaping, Mirror & Glass, Painting, Pavers, Pest Control, Plumbing, Pool Service, Pressure Cleaning, Roofing, Home Security, Shutters, Tree Service, Waterproofing and more.

  • Steve Patterson

    Its nice to have one place to take care of my home in Florida that I trust.

    Steve Patterson

  • Miriam Rocha

    I noticed the contractors really go out of their way to make me happy to keep their Featured Contractor status. Hey, works for me, made me feel like a big customer.

    Miriam Rocha

  • John Roberts

    Its a job to find higher end contractors that do not charge an arm and a leg and treat you like small beans. Not anymore!

    John Roberts

  • Dr Shannon

    I contact the same Featured Contractor rep everytime I need something done at the house. They send someone right over. Incredible service.

    Dr Shannon